Winter Evening Events

Wonderful evening activities combining the cool outdoors with a cosy dinner are always possible - either by snowshoe or skidoo, depending on requirements and budget.

Walking through a forest after twilight to have dinner in a traditional chalet or refuge is a charming way of experiencing mountain life. Wearing snowshoes, your path lit only by your head torch, is a magical way to witness the forest in winter.

Or you can go to dinner at a higher altitude in a more James Bond-style by skidoo, when the ski slopes at closed. The rush of riding a snowmobile uphill at night, to get to an isolated mountain restaurant, makes for a special and different evening out.

The incomparable and incredible experience of skiing La Vallée Blanche by the light of the moon is a night time adventure your partners and clients will never forget. In the late afternoon, we take the last cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi, to watch the sun set and the full moon rise, before putting on skis and gearing up for a 23km high altitude off-piste run under the bright moonlight, down to La Mer de Glace glacier and Chamonix below.


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