Sustainable Business Seminars

Environmentally friendly business practices and sustainable development that help to preserve the natural world and not impact on its precious biodiversity are major concerns for many contemporary corporations. Being based in the mountains, means that Chamonix Events is particularly aware of the importance of this in business.

The democratically elected council of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley has adopted the 2010 French national climate and energy directive to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in an effort to slow global warming. Interactive seminars to discuss trade that is non-damaging to the environment, good ecological business policies and environmentally friendly transport, are organised within an eco-conference framework, Accommodation is in green-chic hotels and activities are conducted with no detrimental impact on the natural surroundings.

Our touchstone sustainable development activity is to ride the famous red rack-rail train from Chamonix up to Montenvers, to see La Mer de Glace, France’s largest glacier. Explore this legendary natural phenomenon and witness first-hand global warming causing glacial retreat, before considering how to protect such rare beauties of our planet, in conference at the historic Grand Hotel de Montenvers.