Summer Multi Activities

Rock climbing is the best-known summer mountain sport and, contrary to popular belief, is possible for all abilities and ages. This wide-ranging sport pushes many to their limits, while inspiring great feelings of pride and achievement with adrenalin kicks, as they get to grips with the rocky vertical terrain.

The cool contemporary sport of canyoning combines hiking and climbing with a bit of wild water. The region has canyons of varying difficulty that can be abseiled, scrambled or jumped into.

Mountain biking is hugely popular in the Alps in summer and now widely practiced, as most ski areas run some lifts in summer and have developed clearly marked mountain bike tracks that either follow conventional trails or have jumps and tricks to tackle.

Our chosen destinations are known primarily as winter sports resorts, but they are not exclusively so. As snows melt, the landscapes transform to show their lush vibrant green slopes and imposing granite faces, opening up to numerous great outdoors activities.

The most popular summer sport that is available to everyone in the mountains is hiking, which is practiced and enjoyed by some 1.5million French. Mountain hiking recharges mental batteries as the environment is contemplated at altitude, while being able to push the individual much further more readily than in other sports.

A step up is glacier hiking. Equipped with crampons, ice axes, ropes and harnesses and some easily assimilated ice climbing tuition, a summer foray on to an Alpine glacier is a powerful experience.


Traverse the Vallee Blanche